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Feeling like a Hipster at the Maboneng Precinct!

I love the Maboneng Precinct, it’s a hipster’s slice of heaven tucked away in the inner city of Johannesburg. I love the energy,and overall vibe of this place. It’s an artist’s wonderland, with graffiti-painted walls, mismatched tiles and vintage architecture. The Market on Main exudes wonderful smells of foods from around the world, beautiful arts and crafts line the street,as the reggae music and drums play in the background.

I am a quintessential comfort dresser! In saying that, i have learned the silhouette which compliments my body, and i generally stick to that as my rule of thumb when shopping. I prefer form- fitting clothing, as  i tend to look frumpy in too many loose garments. I love different shades of black, grey and brown,so expect to see that a lot on my blog. It’s important to have few key pieces in your wardrobe, that you can switch up with accessories. I tend to dress simply, but i always add a unique touch with accessories, whether it be a hat, bold ring or scarf etc. 

A staple i have in my closet is the LBD (Long Black Dress) . I love this particular one, because of the turtle-neck and long sleeves, which gives it modest appeal. The high-slit on the side gives it a sexy twist. Since,it’s still chilly in Johannesburg, i paired it with an over the knee suede boots and topped off with a wide-brimmed fedora to make it interesting.

Fedora- Mr P


Side Boots- MR P

Earrings- Lion Park Curio Shop

Statement Ring- Durban China Mall

Black Lippie- Cipria Milano Cosmetics


Be Brave XXX


2 thoughts on “Feeling like a Hipster at the Maboneng Precinct!

  1. Love the simplicity of th advice – love all of yourself and you def will be able to project your inner beauty. Thanks Trish for the lovely insight into you as a beautiful soul. Too often too many of us get caught up with the rat-race of stressful jobs that we hold that we simply have no time to celebrate ourselves. Keep going with the beautiful writing … each piece of writing gives us a glimpse of your soul and reminds us that a positive self-image is really important. Take care. Lots of love, Crystal💞

    1. Thank you Crystal, this warms my heart! I truly appreciate your kind words and support.I’m so glad that my blog is being well received. Its definitely a glimpse into my soul, and a way to empower women. Take care, lots of love xoxo

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