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Androgynous Influence

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I am the quintessential comfort dresser! The way i dress does not reflect a specific style,and I tend to wear whatever I’m in the mood for on that day.  I have heard people say many times ” what you wearing is not in fashion”.Who decides what looks good on you?, and who decides when you can wear it? Fashion to me is subjective, and I really don’t think there is a right or wrong way of doing it.

Yes, we follow trends and are greatly influenced by pop-culture, but I feel like you can be inspired by what is current, and customise it to suit your personality. You don’t have to follow every trend to a tee, where’s the fun and originality in that? Surely we are not carbon copies of each other, we can definitely dress according to our style and preference.  To me, confidence is key, if you wear it well, it will look good!

Androgynous clothing is right up my alley, and for this look, I kept it casual chic. I normally stick to neutrals but I decided to play around with some colour.This blouse is a beautiful mustard colour, and would compliment any skin colour.I loved the
loose, and flowy fit, and the way it buttoned up to the top.I paired it with denim jeans, this is a staple in my closet, not only is it versatile, the right fit and brand can be both flattering and comfortable.

Skinny-leg jeans are also versatile and can be played up with any shoe style, I chose to wear flat brogue pumps.I paired my outfit with a statement necklace over the collar of a blouse. It adds an extra feminine touch and gives life to a solid colour blouse like this one.I’m not much of a bag lady either, but I do need to carry my essentials, so a faux leather backpack is perfect. Its trendy and laid-back, and serves its purpose.



Top- Mr P

Dark blue denim jeans Zara

Flat brogue pumps Edgars

Necklace- China Mall

Faux Leather backpack Mr P

Earrings- Lovisa

Hairtie- Beaded hand-chain

Be Brave


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