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Nursing must-haves for working mom’s

Okay,before you get your panties in a twist. I know all mom’s work, essentially! This post is aimed at those mom’s who work away from home, and who are not able to breastfeed baby on demand.

So I went back to my corporate job, when Ardyn was five months old. I knew what to expect, mainly because I read a lot, and I spoke to many friends and family who also breastfed whilst working.Currently, I don’ t have to express as much as baby drinks formula during the day, and we do reverse cycling (Reverse cycling is a term that is used to describe the nursing pattern of a baby who nurses a lot in evening and (or) night time hours rather than the “normal” daytime hours. This pattern usually arises when the normal pattern of day time nursing is disrupted for some reason when I get home and at night)

That being said, I did have first hand experience with coping at work, so here are 5 things you Must have if you want to do this in the most comfortable and less engorged way as possible.


  1. Invest in good Nursing Bra’s, not the cheapies but proper good quality bra’s. You will be wearing this all the time, and you want it to withstand all the clipping and unclipping that you will do numerous times a day. I found brilliant nursing bras at Woolworths, but you can pretty much find them at any good retailer.


  1. Breast Pads! you will leak, spill and possibly stain that lovely chiffon shirt at work in the early days, so be prepared and always carry spares in your purse. I personally love the Pigeon brand breast pads, its soft and very comfortable.Ooh and side note, over time your body will adjust to the new routine, and you won’t need these anymore, well at least for me this was the case! Amazing things, these breasts are!

  1. Breast pump, it doesn’t matter if its a manual or electric, as long as you can express and relieve the aching, full breasts before your next meeting. I have the Medela Swing Maxi, and I really cant complain, it does the job! You can hand express, just as long as you get that milk out. It hurts so bad, when its full!

  1. Breastmilk Cooler Bag. If you express at work, you will need this to keep your milk from spoiling. Invest in a good one, because no-one wants to see all that hard work get spoiled and be thrown down the drain. You can easily carry this back and forth, mine looks like a lunch bag, so I looked like I was always on lunch in that first few weeks when I got back to work.  The Pigeon bags are really nice

  1. Food and Water. Make sure you eat enough meals, snacks and drink water the whole day. This keeps you hydrated and helps with your milk supply


There you go. What else would you add to this list? Comment below


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