Skinny Shaming

What is Skinny shaming?

So you are probably wondering what the heck “skinny shaming ” is! Well, that is when people of a thinner stature are body-shamed because of their weight. As you all know I advocate self-love and a positive body image, and I stand up against all forms of discrimination, especially against women. Today, I delve deeper into a sensitive topic, that is not discussed much or understood.  I’m talking about how being thin or “skinny” is becoming less socially acceptable, and how the overall assumption is it’s okay to shame and ridicule people, particularly women about their weight.As with most of my writing I relate to this personally. Throughout my life I had been teased, questioned and been dictated too,about my weight. This from certain family members and friends,whom I don’t think meant it from a place of hate,but rather from the way they have been socially conditioned to think and act.


So whats the issue?

Most of us may never stop to think, what we are doing is offensive or hurtful to another person, so allow me to shed some light.Social media, as great as it is,  plays a huge role in the way a woman’s body is depicted.The new norm is to have a big butt, big boobs, small waist, thick thighs and Instagram eyebrows lol (I had to add this in) We see it in the likes of Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and on the feeds of our Instagram.Women are made to believe this is the epitome of a perfect body,and if you ain’t got it girl, you better squat and go get those silicone implants, because God forbid you look anything but yourself.  Curvy is beautiful and stunning, but by no means is it the perfect body. There is no such thing, right!


What bothers me, is the way people are crucified if they dare call  someone fat,or pick on their weight, in the same breath I feel the lines are skewed when it comes to so-called “skinny people”. It’s as if you are deliberately made to feel bad because you are naturally thin, or better still if you work really hard to keep up a slimmer body. Why is there a double standard? These memes and quotes that people throw around loosely on social media has a bigger impact than you think. It can affect a person’s self-esteem, all because you thought it was okay to post something in haste.So, you are probably thinking who would do this to people, well,it could be you and many others who most probably do this unintentionally.


Ever heard of the phrase “ Skinny Bitch”, “ You need to eat”, “ You are anorexic, you look like a skeleton”, “Why are you going to gym, you are so thin”, Why are you on a diet, if you eat any less, you will disappear”, oh and I’ll leave the best for last “ Men love women with meat, leave the bones to the dogs”. Ding!, rings a bell doesn’t it! You have all heard it from someone, or you have been the person who has said it.


Let’s be informed and not ignorant!

Apart from these quotes/memes sounding ignorant, there isn’t any truth in it at all. Some women are naturally thinner, due to their genetic make-up and a host of other factors. Anorexia Nervosa is a life threatening eating disorder characterised by self-starvation and excessive loss. It’s not fair to call someone who is naturally thin anorexic, don’t be ignorant to someone else’s truth! Further, to say a person resembles a skeleton implies they are dead or standing in a biology/anatomy lab at school. A thin person may attend gym to keep up their health and fitness or for sheer enjoyment, and not because they want to lose more weight.Contrary to popular belief, certain women may look thin but be completely unfit and unhealthy,looks can be deceiving. A balanced diet and exercise is important for everyone, and gym is most certainly not reserved only for overweight people who want to lose weight. Curvy is beautiful and a lot of men prefer a fuller-figured women. Does that leave slimmer women in the dark, hell no! Different strokes for different folks people!, attraction is not only based on your weight, and that pretty much defunct’s the “men love women with meat” theory!


Let’s empower each other!

So in all fairness, embrace your curves honey, but don’t bash other women in the process. As women, we should encourage and empower, not judge and ridicule each others appearance.Next time, you walk into a room, or you see a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour etc, don’t mention their weight, greet them without saying Wow, you really put on weight, or you are really thin! Talk about things of substance people, a person’s weight is not one of them. This post is not meant to ruffle any feathers, but to create awareness.The things that are insignificant to you, may the very thing that breaks another person down, and lowers their confidence. Food for thought as you go about your day.




2 thoughts on “Skinny Shaming

  1. Wow….I have been skinny all my life…and I have heard almost everything that you mentioned…
    I didnt choose to be skinny…and found it really difficult to put on weight..

    Really inspiring…people need to consider other peoples feelings…I always say..if you dont have anything good to say…dont say anything at all

    I eventually did put on abit of weight😀…after pregnancy lol..

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