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How we found out we were pregnant!

The big news!

Now that the baby is out the bag I can start sharing my pregnancy journey, thus far. Before I share all the dramatic parts with you, it’s important to know how we found out we were pregnant. This baby was most definitely planned, and by planned I mean I know the exact date of conception (you know the rest of what happened). Around August last year my husband and I started discussing our pregnancy plans, and had in-depth discussions of how we would need to prepare for this great big journey, It was not until late September that we actually decided to pray about it and leave the process in God’s hands. By this point I was already off birth control for a few months mainly due to health reasons, I had taken the pill for 11 years at this point and my body just needed a break.


I would have to say we conceived pretty much at first attempt and it was something my hubby and I made a joke about before. We joked about falling pregnant at the first attempt and how funny that would be. Low and behold that is exactly what happened. By early October (4th to be exact), we conceived our little miracle, but we didn’t know. We both spoke about Gods timing and it should take a few months and all that jazz, but secretly I was scared I would not be able to conceive and I was hoping we were successful. As the weeks progressed I immediately noticed the changes in my body, and when I told my hubby he told me I was just imagining it, it was way too soon. But I am pretty inept and in tune with my body and I knew something was different; the symptoms I experienced were exhaustion, tender sore breasts, and smell aversions. I was certain I was pregnant but waited till the week my period was due to confirm. So when I was late by 4 days I ran to clicks (South African pharmacy), and bought myself 2 pregnancy tests. I came back to work, ran into the toilet and did the pee on the stick shindig! Within seconds I started to notice the two lines darken, I was so excited, I silently cried in the toilet, here I am stick in hand and all. I didn’t tell anyone at work but boy was I beaming!

Surprising my Husband

I called my sister first and told her the exciting news, and then I decided I would surprise Don with the positive tests when I got home. I even lied to him,I got my period, and he assured me it would be okay, “all in Gods timing” he said. So I hatched a plan to put the tests (I had done another one at home), in the bible and mark a poignant scripture, and ask Don to open the bible to read me a reference. “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him, like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth” Psalm 127 3-4.He had absolutely no clue I was pregnant.We recorded his reaction when he opened the bible and he was super excited, needless to say it was tears of joy for us both and we couldn’t stop thanking our Father above. We were stepping into uncharted territory but nothing felt more perfect and right. Everything changed right there and then and my hubby went into complete caregiver and protector mode. We confirmed our pregnancy at 5 weeks with a blood test and our journey began.

As beautiful as the experience started off, it didn’t stay that way for long, and the next few months would prove the most challenging thing I would ever face. Let’s just say every idea and notion I had of pregnancy was false, and I was now knee-deep in something I couldn’t control full of anxiety and fear. Stay tuned to my next blog where I discuss my pregnancy complications and illness, and how I got through it.



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