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Is it unsafe to post pictures of my kid’s in their school uniform?

Back to School!

This week was exciting and emotional for many parents as their little ones went back to school. Some began school for the first time, much to the emotional distress of their moms. Lunches are packed, back-packs are stuffed with new stationery and neatly pressed school uniforms are the order of the day. As any proud parent would do, we want to share these moments with the world. Sounds innocent right, however nothing is without due risk.

Unsafe, how?

When I scrolled through social media platforms this week, I saw countless pictures of kids  at their school,the name of the school glaring in the background and on their blazers. For me, it was just part of the picture, but for a child predator you have just unwittingly provided an exact location for your child’s whereabouts. Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine!The sad reality is there are sick child predators sitting behind their computers “hunting”.

The era of social media has given rise to sharing every facet of our lives with each other, and in doing so we must exercise caution. This post is not intended to create fear, but rather to highlight the reality and to make us parents more aware of our actions. There have been times I have inevitably posted a picture that conveyed sensitive information, and I have gone back and deleted my post. I think long and hard before I post anything now, and I try to look at from all angles, not just a doting mom.


You can and should still post pictures of your kids on their first day of school but here’s some tips to do safely

1.Never post pictures of your kids standing in front of the school entrance where the school name, street name and general location is visible.

  1. Turn off the GPS or location settings on your phone when posting pictures to social media.

  2. Never discuss their school times, and when they get dropped off and picked up from school.

  3. If you do post a picture of their school uniform or blazer, blur out the school logo or badge.

And no, this is not being paranoid, it is being proactive. We don’t have to stop living, but we can do so responsibly. What are your views on this topic? Do you have any other safety tips to add?



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