Valentine’s day ideas with a baby

This year is our first Valentine’s day with a baby. I don’t know about you, but I am all about the commercialism of V-Day!

I adore the “heart-shaped” chocolates, “I love you” mugs and the fancy dinner’s.  But, this year will be very different in our household. To be honest, we don’t really mind spending a night in with our 7th-month-old baby girl.

That being said here are some ideas if you are in the same boat:

  • Skip the dinner reservation, that messes with your baby’s sleep schedule and order in! Watch the latest movie, or in our case, we will watch whatever is on TV. This may seem so mundane, but believe me, any time where we both just sit and do nothing is good. Once the little one is down for the night, sit back, eat a meal and relax.
  • Have friends over. This will suit those who would like to engage in adult conversation, play some games, and have a glass of wine. There are many parents out there who would like to do the same, bring the kids and just have a few hours of downtime.
  • Board games. Monopoly, Scrabble, 30 Seconds are all very entertaining, if all fails play strip poker. Make sure the baby is asleep though!
  • Get crafty. If this is your kids first Valentines make it special and do some arts and crafts to remember the day. Having a baby means you are constantly buying stuff, so save some much-needed moola and make Valentine gifts this year! It’s thoughtful, and not to mention fun for the kids.
  • Discover your partners love language. This could be a Rolex watch or a cup of tea. You know your partner best! Give mum a chance to soak in the tub while you tend to the kids. Give dad a massage, being a dad is a tough job too! Do the simple things we take for granted.
  • And last but definitely not least, if you have zero time to do any of the things mentioned above, sneak in a quickie and call it a night!

Love & Light,


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