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Cherubs Product Review and Giveaway!

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When we brought baby Ardyn home, these were the first brand of wipes we used. I loved the fragrance, and how gentle it was on a newborn’s skin.  It was the first product in the range that we tried, and we have loved it ever since.

Recently we tried some new products and I am excited to review a few of the range for you.

1. Let’s talk Baby Wipes

Now, if you are like me, you have probably tried all the brands of baby wipes, to find the one that agrees to your baby skin, matches your price, and is overall a great product.
 What I love about the Cherubs brand is it covers all these factors. They have a variety of wipes that cater to your delicate newborns skin and your rambunctious little toddler.
 The range has wipes from Lightly Fragranced to Sensitive Fragrance Free to cater to your baby needs. All wipes are Alcohol and Paraben free. They contain Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E. These also come in value-pack sizes, meaning great savings for mom’s.
 When you begin toilet training your little one, you require flushable wipes, Cherubs has you covered. It comes in two variants; Classic Fragrance Free and Flushable, and Classic Lightly Fragranced and Flushable.
 It has all the same properties of the baby wipes, making it safe for your baby skin, and easy on the environment too.

2. Not forgetting the Mom’s

Cherubs has a beautiful range of essentials and beauty care products. They have soft and comfortable nursing pads to help moms, its super absorbent and comfortable. That’s key for me.

Then for us moms on the go, they have a great range of Eco-Facial Wipes. These remove any dirt, excess oils and make-up. They come in travel size of 24’s and 60’s.

The range caters to all skin types which are normal, oily/combination or sensitive/dry skin, so you have no reason to go to bed with your make-up on, right?

If you have children, you know how important it is to have hand wipes to clean those sticky fingers. There is a range of Hand Wipes for the family, that you can easily pop into your handbag or diaper bag!

To add further to your beauty routine, a wonderful cotton range is also available. Not surprisingly there is also a, ECotton range of buds and cotton pads that are gentle to your skin and the environment.


3. Make bath time fun again

My daughter loves this bubble bath, and so do I. This Bubble Bath is amazing, it has two edible scent’s of fruits and bubblegum.  It comes in two variants, “Ella Elephants Fruity Fun, and Tommy Turtle Bubblegum Bubble Bath”.

They foam up quickly and the entire bath room smells like a kiddies Spa. It cleans and is fun at the same time. The best part, it’s so gentle and does not burn the skin, like some other bubble baths do. They are Paraben free, and pH balanced.


4. Lets talk Affordability

Across the board, all these products are super affordable and economical!

I looked for prices dated 13 April 2018.

At Babies R Us:

  1. New Born Wipes 100’s-R34.90
  2. Fragrance Free Wipes 72- R21.90
  3. Value Pack-Lightly Fragranced 72 x 3 – R49.90
  4. Classic Cotton Buds 100’s- R9.90
  5. Eco Cotton Buds 100’s- R12.90
  6. Eco Cotton Rounds 80- R24.90
  7. Nursing Pads 30- R59.90
  8. Fruity Fun Bubble Bath 2 Litre- R44.90
  9. Nappy Liners 50- R29.90

Dischem Pharmacies:

  1. Beauty facial wipes (all variants)- R44.95


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24 thoughts on “Cherubs Product Review and Giveaway!

  1. My favourite cherubs product is the wet wipes. Firstly it has a great smell especially after my lil one has pooped. Secondly its affordable and agrees to bries skin. I have never tried the other products in the sherubs range and it will be great to have a start on it.

  2. We absolutely love the Fruity Fun Bubble Bath cause of it’s lovely fragrance and mysterious daughter enjoys the amount of bubbles it delivers.

  3. My Favorite Cherubs Product is the Sensitive fragrance free wet wipes for babies. Also the fact that it is flushable so I dont have to throw it away leaving a smell in the house.

  4. I love Cherubs Sensitive wipes.. I use it for my little one bcs she hv a sensitve skin… I am happy with cherubs bcs i use these wipes on everything..I change my baby with it..Clean her feet when thy are dirty and her hands..Its the best affordable brand for babies and its so amazing for sensitive skin too..

  5. My favorite is the Cherubs Classic lightly fragrance wet wipes I love the smell of it especially after using it on a dirty diaper, it moisturizes my baby skin leaving it soft and smooth, I love the stretch in the wipes and thick feel it has. Would most definitely recommended it to all moms and expecting moms 😄

  6. I love the Sensitive Fragrance Free Wipes… Its perfect for lil sticky hands and faces. I also love the fact that I can use it to remove my make up.

  7. My favourite cherubs product is the scented nappy bags which is great for those on-the-go nappy changes esp when u nt sure of where to dispose of the nappy.

  8. The lightly fragranced FLUSHABLE wipes. Toilet training my son, these are awesome for poo’s (sorry tmi). Especially during our water crises right?! Save water, save money, save the smell coming from bin…

  9. My favourite product has to be the wet wipes. I love the smell, and the fact that they are eco-friendly and can be flushed down the toilet – huge bonus!!

  10. My favourite are Cherubs Baby Wipes as the softest skins need the gentlest care. Cherubs paraben-free formulation, infused with skin loving chamomile and aloe-vera, provides gentle cleansing & moisturisation benefits to your baby’s skin which is the reason for loving this product

  11. Love the cherubs wet wipes, always have a pack on hand. With the water restrictions, I have them absolutely everywhere. Great range of products! 👌🏻

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