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DIY Cake Smash Photoshoot

So a few weeks ago, we celebrated our baby girl’s birthday. We decided to omit the big party this year for various reasons, and just did a small surprise in bed and a cake smash photoshoot. It was a lovely process, and I thought I would share our experience.

So the entire cake smash cost us less than R500 to do, and while I am not against spending money on a photoshoot, I did see that some of the professionals are very expensive.

Add the cost of the cake, the outfits and props and it’s just too much! We decided to do our own shoot, and yes while I would have preferred better lighting, we were still able to capture precious moments. Here’s a breakdown of how we saved money and captured beautiful keepsake memories.

1.The Props

I researched a few colours and themes and decided to do a purple and turquoise colour scheme. It turned out so beautiful and vibrant, that I will be most definitely using for future parties as well.

I went to the local China mall, and found balloons, balloon weights, string and bunting. I then found a cute bead store, where I got beads and stretchy elastic cord to make the necklaces. We found stunning turquoise and purple beads. My husband, believe or not made the necklaces for Ardyn. We filled the balloons with helium at a local party shop, to add some dimension to the shoot.

2.The Outfit

I was going to make the tulle tutu skirt, but was lucky to find a whole range of colour and sizes in the very same Mall. Paired with a white vest and we had a winner outfit. I bought the purple headband from Spree a few months ago, so that came in handy.

3.The Cake

For the cake, my sister, brother-in-law and hubby baked and iced the cake. We always work on everything as a team. See on Gender Reveal video, another one of our team efforts

We used gel food colouring to get the beautiful colours on the cake. *Here’s a tip-For a cake smash use a vanilla sponge, with vibrant coloured icing. A chocolate cake or red velvet cake with white icing may not capture as well on camera, and doesn’t look very appealing when smashed. Also, make sure the cake is soft and the icing is thick, more fun for little hands!

4.The photoshoot

We went to a local park, set up our props and then it was cake smash time!

Here we were 2 of us taking pictures, and the other two pulling crazy stunts to get Ardyn to laugh, and making sure the wind didn’t blow our props away. It turned out so beautifully, and I can’t wait to plan other exciting shoots for her!

Scroll down to see some of the pics!

What do you think?

Love and Light,


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