Smart Toy Club-Monthly Toy rentals for kids

Let’s talk toys!

Our kids love it and we love to buy it, right?

Now, when you look around your home, I am almost certain you have too many boxes of toys they don’t play with anymore, and not enough space, toys everywhere bursting at the seams.

Well, if you are in that place I have a solution for you…. a monthly Toy Rental. Hmm what is Toy rental Trish, well it is exactly that! you can rent toys for a monthly fee, and return them for a new bag of toys every month.

The perks of this is no more unnecessary toys lying around the living room, bedroom, bathroom get the point!

Age-specific toys that cater to the needs of your growing child. Yes, there is no one toy fits all scenario, as you might be well aware of.

Now the fun part, Smart Toy Club to the rescue. You see they offer this exact service that so many parents have wanted, but never thought possible.

They offer a monthly toy rental subscription service for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. You get a comprehensive choice of age-appropriate toys.

How does it work?

You go on their website and you sign up, confirm your details and Voila, a new bag of toys are coming your way every month

How much does it cost?

Cape Town pickup points is R275/month. Courier within 50km of Cape Town is R299/month, and via Pargo, it is R349/month. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE IF PAYING UPFRONT!

Some of the nitty-gritty is on the website  you can get the information you require by reading up on the FAQ’s.

My personal experience has been great with the two Boss mom’s who run this wonderful business. You can watch our my Instagram Highlights for our experience here

Go support this incredible venture, you will really love the service, and so will your kids!!!

P.S. have you heard about their referral program? Get a FREE MONTH when a friend signs up and mentions your name!

Age-Appropriate toys as seen below:

Thanks for reading!

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