5 things I decided to leave behind in 2018

Compliments of the new year to all my readers. It is wonderful to start this year on such a high note. I was inspired to blog about some of the things I am consciously working towards getting rid of this year:

  1. Too-much screen time

I already began the departure sometime last year when I decided to live more in the present and stop being consumed by the “screen”, whilst I succeeded with social media,I definitely lost points when it came to Netflix! I feel so much of our time is wasted, scrolling through our phones, sitting behind our personal computers, watching television, playing games and so on. It really is a nasty habit that is antisocial and makes us couch potatoes, makes our thumbs and neck hurt and makes us a little dumb at times!

  1. Procrastination

Ah the good ole”I’ll do it later” line. I am the queen of this . If I had a penny for every time, I would be so darn rich. This year I am working on schedules, and I am making myself accountable. It really is my worst trait, and I am firm believer that we have enough time in the day to do a lot, we just don’t prioritize and execute!

  1. Negativity

This is just negative thoughts, negative people, negative situations. I am just not here for it anymore. I honestly think we are sometimes too polite for our own good,and we accept negative Nancy’s in our life. That being said I always try my best to not be a negative Nancy, because she is so last year! Only positive vibes here, my friend.

  1. Being judgmental

I can think back on so many occasions , and I wonder how the heck was I so judgmental! Most times I just over-analysed the situation and judged  people wrongly. I am not perfect and so I don’t want to think the worst of people. I need to learn to give people the benefit of the doubt, not everyone has ill intentions , some do, yes,but not all.

  1. Patience

This is something I always struggle with, and over the years I seem to ebb and flow on the patience thing. Having a toddler test me on every level has not helped either, and I sometimes think if only I was the patient with her, with the situation, would I be less stressed and frustrated?I’m challenging myself on this, this year. Through  my lack of patience through the years I have made bad decisions out of haste. Learning curve, most definitely!

Wake, Pray , Slay


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